Cake Decorating Classes in Denton TX

There are no mistakes, just sweet treats!


Welcome Cake Friends
How many times a year do you have a special celebration?  There is always a birthday just around the corner or a wedding anniversary coming up.  Let's not forget potlucks and the days at work when someone is retiring or having a baby.  Know what is a common feature at all of these events?  It's a CAKE!
Now there are many places you can go and buy a cake but have you ever considered perhaps YOU could make this cake for this special person or event?
It's true!  With a few tools and a little guidance, a bit of time and a dusting of patience you could be known as the cake lady or man! How sweet is that?

Perhaps your interest in Cake decorating has been peeked by other means.  Do you like to watch the cake shows on TV? Are you a culinary student that needs more detailed instruction in cake decorating or maybe you just like to appreciate beautifully prepared foods. Then taking the Wilton Basic class will get you started in this fun and creative new hobby.

Take a few minutes to go over this website, and let me know what you think.

Have a sweet day!